Wilton Law & Mediation provides legal assistance for clients dealing with business disputes in Encino, California. We help small business owners resolve partnership and related disagreements. Our goal is to avoid litigation so you can focus on creating a profitable business without unnecessary liability exposure. This may mean pursuing a quick settlement, mediation, arbitration or litigation against your claim or putting together a solid defense.

Ronald D. Wilton will explore the details of your situation to determine the best course of action. Call 818-906-3500 now to schedule a free business litigation consultation in Encino, California.

Rely on advice from a talented lawyer

You can count on Wilton Law & Mediation to provide you with objective advice. Wilton Law and Mediation has decades of experience with:

  • General business disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Employee relations issue
  • Interference with a business relationship or contract
  • Conspiracy
  • Breach of employee non-disclosure, non-competition or non-solicitation agreements
  • Disparagement or defamation
  • False advertising
  • Misrepresentation
  • Real estate broker or agent issues
  • Commercial landlord issues

Wilton Law & Mediation is aware of your bottom line when resolving business disputes in the Encino, California area. You can depend on Wilton Law & Mediation to support your company's best interest.  

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